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We must maintain the principle in America that “everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Watching the Dem’s is only proof of their lawlessness and they are not following the Constitution with the step by step lawless shenanigans that are being thrown out to the public. Senator Grassley as the leader must put the lawless Democrats in their place since they are definitely out of order and move the process on.

Senators Feinstein has obstructed justice by not turning information over to the FBI during that phase and Booker and Harris were out of order and have to be made examples of that you don’t obstruct the proceedings by theatrics.


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BLOG POST 1 - What in the World

The more I consider what is happening with the Supreme Court confirmation process for the nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the more I realize that our world is a sick, sick, sick place.  I have come to realize that there is no depth to the debauchery and diabolical dirty tricks the liberal leftists will descend.  They have one purpose, and that is to destroy President Donald Trump and I honestly do not know if they know or care that in the process they are ripping our Republic to shreds.  It is more than simply a ‘double standard’ employed by the leftists it is willing blindness, attempts to justify, and sitting as judge, jury, and executioner of any conservative or Republican while extending the hand of mercy and insisting on the age-old principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ for Democrats.  In today’s political world, accusations are sufficient to convict if it is…

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