This tells the whole story of the left’s plot to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court:

What is happening here with this tale of woes:

Our system of government is based on the Constitution. But the left’s system is lawless and that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited lawlessness over the system. We have to stop this lawlessness. The Republicans are allowing them to be lawless. Follow the Constitution and dismiss the left and move on with the Constitution.

We have to corral these lawless liberal marxists once and for all. A vote in the midterms for a Democrat will only give you more of these liberals/Muslims who will cheat and steal (Islam/lawlessness) to maintain their positions.

Even if you don’t like the Republicans who are for the Constitution and freedom – just hold your nose and vote – because if you vote for a Democrat you will only increase their number to bring our country back to Obama’s level of the following:


Also, more debt by “economic mugging by political force“ and million dollar Democrat vacations.


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