‘Compelling evidence’: Feinstein ‘will soon be apologizing to Judge Kavanaugh’

This new development promising to blow Christine Blasey Ford’s charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh out of the water should actually be good news for the alleged victim of attempted sexual assault … if justice and closure are REALLY what she and her Democrat handlers want.

The “compelling evidence,” said to exonerate Kavanaugh, is coming with “close to 100 percent” confidence, says this insider.

“Everyone should rejoice when the mistake is found.”


‘Compelling evidence’ to ‘exonerate’ Kavanaugh.

Colleague promises it will ‘show his categorical denial to be truthful’

9/20/2018 – Published: 7 hours ago

Art Moore

A close friend of Brett Kavanaugh who was a clerk for the late Justice Antonin Scalia is confident the Supreme Court nominee will soon be exonerated of charges that he attempted to sexually assault psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford at a party when both were in high school.

Ed Whelan, the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., said via Twitter that by one week from today, “compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful.”

“There will be no cloud over him,” Whelan said in a tweet reported by the blog Law and Crime.

Whelan added in a cryptic follow-up tweet that it is “deeply unjust when someone is mistakenly” accused, suggesting, as has Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, after meeting with Kavanaugh, that Ford might be “mixed up” about the identity of the alleged attacker.

“Sexual assault is a terrible thing,” Whelan wrote. “Its victims suffer grievously. It’s precisely b/c sexual assault is so terrible that it is deeply unjust when someone is mistakenly (even good-faith mistakenly) accused of having committed it. Everyone should rejoice when the mistake is found.”

He added that the “sooner the mistake is discovered, the better.”
Whelan also linked to a Yahoo story saying it might be a case of “mistaken identity.”

Meanwhile, Ford apparently has dropped her demand that the FBI launch an inquiry before she testifies, telling the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday she “would be prepared to testify next week.”

In an email obtained by the New York Times, she said she would appear as long as senators provide “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has invited her to testify at a hearing on Monday. She has been given a Friday deadline to confirm her attendance.

Capitol Police arrested 56 people at the Senate office buildings Thursday afternoon, including 33 in front of Grassley’s office who were chanting, “We believe Christine Ford!”

(These were George Soros paid protesters as posted.)

NPR reported Thursday that a former classmate of Ford who also knew Kavanaugh in high school walked back her claim posted on Facebook that the “incident DID happen, many of us heard about it in school.”

Cristina King Miranda told NPR’s Nina Totenberg: “That it happened or not, I have no idea. I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”

Ford has said she told no one of the alleged incident until she was in a therapy session six years ago with her husband. And while Ford has said she doesn’t remember where the incident took place or exactly when, she placed it in the summer of 1982, when school was not in session.

Her difficulty recalling key details such as time and place, and the possibility of mistaken identity, might be at least partially explained by yearbooks from her Bethesda, Maryland, college-prep girls school that boast of a party culture in which passing out and forgetting everything done the night before was common.

Curiously, the yearbooks during Ford’s time at Holton-Arms School were scrubbed from the web this week. But the blog Cult of the 1st Amendment captured screenshots.

A line from the 1982 yearbook states “there were always parties to celebrate any occasion.”

“Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.”

‘Close to 100 percent’ confident.”

Politico reported Whelan has told “at least three associates” that he is “close to 100 percent” confident that what he says is true.

Kavanaugh denies being at such a party as Ford describes, and so do two other people she named, Mark Judge and Patrick J. Smyth.

Whelan further said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “will soon be apologizing to Judge Kavanaugh.”

Feinstein touched off the controversy by releasing a cryptic letter — just a week before the committee was scheduled to vote — in which she said she had “information” about Kavanaugh that she was turning over to investigative authorities, refusing to disclose any details.

Ford’s identity and some details were reported over the following weekend by the Washington Post. Feinstein said she had received the letter in July, but she didn’t bring up the accusation in a face-to-face meeting with Kavanaugh or in committee hearings.

(Feinstein withheld this evidence from the FBI and should be charged with obstruction of justice.)

Earlier this month, Whelan wrote in a National Review column he has known Kavanaugh for about 25 years and worked with him in the private sector and in government, including in the early years of the George W. Bush administration.

Whelan worked in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel while Kavanaugh worked in the White House.

“My high regard for him gives me additional motivation to refute the smears against him,” he said. “But as you will see, my arguments stand on their own and do not depend on my personally attesting to his character.”


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