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This is an older blog to remind us of our past. We must remember that we cannot vote for a Democrat since they are now socialists and the Muslims are riding in their rear view mirror with Obama heading up that pack with Farrakhan.

If the Dem’s win in the midterms – our country will have NO FREEDOM as we witnessed with Democrats/Obama’s eight years of treason. Even if you have to hold your nose – we must vote for the Constitution – that is the difference.

Obama, the FBI/DOJ in cahoots with Hillary Clinton will go down as the most corrupt era in history.


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Hillary is not competent enough to be President of the United States.    Hillary wasn’t competent enough to be Secretary of State.  The email scandal or mess, along with how Benghazi, Libya was dealt with, in her case was not dealt with, is proof enough.

Hillary has left a messy trail everywhere she has stepped, starting with the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas.  She was fired there during the Watergate investigations, for lies and ethics violations.    Nothing has changed, it is the same stuff, the same Hillary, with a dirty husband standing 20 paces behind her.  There are years of crimes and unethical practice by both Hillary and Bill during their long residency in Arkansas; too many to list here, it is well documented.   Watch Hillary: The Movie or the Clinton Conspiracy, you’ll learn more than you can imagine.   These two should never been allowed out of Arkansas.    There are cells with their names…

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