As we knew he would, Judge Kavanaugh has stepped up to the plate to defend his integrity. As we know, the Democrats (Senators Schumer/Harris/Booker) have been working overtime to tarnish his name. Feinstine is also in on the collusion to tarnish the Judge by withholding information that should have been turned over to the FBI in July. That makes Feinstine/Schumer (both Jewish) and Senators Harris/Booker (two blacks)the boogey men and women in this made up saga. Feinstine should be slapped with “obstruction of justice” for hiding the info.

The Dem’s pulled this same stunt with Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas SCOTUS hearings. The Dem’s keep using this high-stakes lynching as part of their makeup even though they have Rep Keith Ellison who is waiting in the wings with an allegation by his girlfriend that he abused her and has video proof – but the Dem’s avoid her proof. It happened earlier; but, the Dem’s run and hide when this is brought up.

WHAT’S THE DEAL – just more Democrat lies?

Mrs. Ford has been offered a time to appear but has backed out since she has no proof and in my eyes is participating in a hoax with the Dem’s.

The Dem’s are still in the swamp with the Russian collusion hoax which is about to explode with the Prez declassifying the FISA info which has identified that Hillary Clinton paid for it to be developed which was a complete fake dossier.

The Dem’s have long been called the “den of theives” and trying to take the country down to their level of thinking.

A vote in November for any Democrat will take us to their level of evil and socialism/Islam. A vote for a true conservative – not a fake like Corker/Flake/Sasse, will give us the Constitution and freedom.

Fight for Judge Kavanaugh so that our highest court will continue assuring is that we have freedom – not the slavery that will come with the Democrats. Eight years of Obama proved that!


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