Does anyone want a second helping of the Crats with their socialism/Islam gig? This is the “crats'” motto:


Former Vice President Joe Biden (creepy Joe touching women) and former AG Eric Holder (the Fast and Furious czar who lost his AG job) were holding a criticism session, recently, about our duly elected President who won the election; but, they forgot to bring their moral compass with them. They continue to bang that drum of political correctness and identity politics – forgetting how they demonstrated their racism, their heart beat of socialism where everything is free, their disdain for law enforcement, and their proclamation for Islam – the peaceful religion.

Thanks to the Crats, under Obama/Biden/Holder, they have the most divisive and destructive party in my lifetime. Thanks to those three, America is at war with itself – GOP versus the Crats, blacks versus the whites, the haves versus the have-nots, women versus men, and armed versus unarmed. This is the crats at their best.

And to think Biden and Holder were beating their chest and proclaiming proclivity. Who would want a second round of Obama’s $20 trillion spending habit which included millions on his personal vacations – and his regulations by executive order that Prez Trump is wiping that slate clean which has sent our economy soaring – something that Obama had intentionally crashed (and to watch him trying to take claim of our soaring economy is only another one of his lies and we laugh and we laugh at this idiot).

So, all in all, let’s continue cleaning the swamp with all of those critters – one by one – and let’s not let them fool us again with their proclivity (a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing) which is identity politics.


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