Kamala Harris’s Big Kavanaugh Lie. Look at that sneer on her face.


It looks like Senators Kamala Harris and Corey Booker (Mr. Spartacus) are interviewing for Obama’s past candidacy by practicing to see who is the best qualified liar to fill Obama’s shoes. It wasn’t so smooth for them – they were both caught, immediately, and put back in their rat hole.

The first test that a Democrat has to take to join the party is he has to pass the lying test. These two passed with flying colors. What dishonesty! It only shows what road these two traveled to get to their position as a Senator. Integrity and honesty are traits these two certainly are lacking – trust, but verify, is a good strategy the voter needs to follow through with these two liars.

Certainly wouldn’t trust them with my children.


Posted by Fuzzy Slippers

September 8, 2018



Holey Toledo!



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