Something is fishy about Bob Woodward’s book and the New York Times op-ed being barked so loudly on the same day. What a pile-on. Just a guess – but – I think Carl Bernstein wrote the op-ed in cahoots with Woodward. Whoever wrote the op-ed was covering the same water front that Woodward wrote about – the inter workings of the White House.

Did Woodward pick and choose the characters in his book and talk to anonymous sources to write his fiction? Of course! Why do these people he supposedly talked to have to be anonymous? That makes me suspicious in that he has to be a part of the Elite One World Order and wealth distribution crowd since he has been hanging around the swamp for so many years and wants to help Bush I, et al,and Obama tear up the country by writing this fictitious book and trash the President.

People like him are called leeches because they attach themselves to the rich and famous to listen to gossip and then write a book to make money. He seems to have a good imagination and should be writing books about government corruption – except for one thing – he is writing about the wrong side. He should be walking in Mueller’s shoes and then he would really have the real story about corruption, murder, and sex to write about.

That is what makes it so suspicious – Woodward writing about the President instead of the real Obama/Democrat corruption.



At a White House press briefing, Sanders slammed the book “Fear,” from veteran journalist Bob Woodward, as “careless and reckless.”
Woodward staunchly defended his work, saying on NBC’s “Today” show that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House chief of staff John Kelly “are not telling the truth” when they deny making disparaging remarks about Trump attributed to them.

“These are political statements to protect their jobs,” Woodward said.


If that is true then – how do we know it is the truth if they won’t attach their name to their story. Why would I believe Woodward rather than Mattis and Kelly since Woodward is part of the fake news media and the swamp?



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