KOMMONSENTSJANE – Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”. Pesky Truth.

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You say:

Think of the hubris of the people in charge to conceive and execute a plan to frame and destroy the incoming President of the United States.

What were John Brennan and James Comey and Andrew McCabe thinking when they consciously conspired to lie to the FISA courts, to frame a sitting President. To tear apart a nation.

When you have a President like Obama/Hillary Clinton’s caliber of evil – there is no end to what they would do as you can well see.

And now, Obama – the devil, himself, struts out on the stage to try to redeem himself – the gall of inequity.


Pesky Truth

From: commdiginews.com,  by L.J. Keith,  on Sep 9, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC: Disgraced Justice Department official Bruce Ohr told the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that the Mueller inquisition into the Trump administration was what Peter Strzok was talking about when he texted about having an “insurance policy” against Trump.

Peter Strzok’s co-conspirator and lover Lisa Page, though still combative, was much more forthcoming in her testimony to the committee. She said that that Strzok’s emails and texts meant “exactly what they say they mean.” When he said he would try to stop Trump, he meant it.

When he said he had concocted an “insurance policy “with Andrew McCabe in “Andy’s office” he was referring to using the fake Russian dossier to knowingly frame Donald Trump and create the basis for the Mueller investigation.

Peter Strzok and the Fake Russian Dossier

Strzok launched the “counter intelligence” investigation against Trump…

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