When Will Voters Wake Up And Realize That Democrats Hate America?

Conservative Free Press
by Andrew

At this point, we really don’t understand what business any moderately liberal, otherwise-patriotic American has in voting for the Democratic Party. When is enough, enough? We get it if you’re a welfare slug who can’t do anything with your life other than leech off the government; of COURSE you’re going to vote for the Democrats – anything is better than actually getting off your ass to find a job!

And we get it if you’re the cousin of an illegal immigrant and you don’t want Papa Trump to send your bro back to Honduras or El Salvador or wherever it is he belongs. You gotta do what you gotta do. But other than that? What are you thinking??

The Democratic Party has earned the right to be the base of welfare leeches, illegal immigrants, and, beyond that, Americans who despise America. Because that’s all the party stands for these days. And if you couldn’t glean that from their policies, you can damn sure get it from the way their politicians act when they’re in front of a microphone.

You have New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, snarkily telling an audience that Trump can’t make America great again because, pfft (def: used to represent a brief sound such as that made by the passage of a bullet or that of a small, muffled explosion), “America was never that great to begin with.”

You had the Democratic nominee for president deeming “half” of all people who supported her Republican opponent to belong in a “basket of deplorables.” Racist, sexist, xenophobic nightmare people – this is how Hillary Clinton sees Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

You have likely 2020 presidential contender Cory Booker, who said recently that “there’s a normalcy of injustice” in the United States.

You had Sen. Bernie Sanders tell CBS that America was “fundamentally immoral” for not spreading the wealth around.

The hits literally just keep coming.

Every time you turn around, a Democrat is telling you how racist America is, how the police are an outgrowth of the old slave patrols, how we have to turn our backs on every fiber of our history, how white people and Christians are evil, and so on and so forth. It never ends. They are ashamed of our history, our democracy, our financial system, and our very demographic makeup. They hate America and they are getting bolder about coming right out and saying it.

The only question is why anyone who isn’t a left-fringe lunatic would still vote for these cretins.


Obama in his speech on Friday also called Americans “racists.”


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