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The purpose of this reblog is to call out the Democrats and how they are trying to get away with slowly chipping away part by part of the peoples’ inalienable rights under the Constitution into a dictatorship which we did have under the Obama Administration.

They were all elected to promote the Constitution and they have not been using law and order since Bush I – and it only got worse under Obama – whereby the Supreme Court ruled “Obama did not use the Constitution” to govern the country at all.

Why haven’t the Democrats and Obama been charged for the following crimes. AG Sessions is not doing his job because he has infiltrated the Trump administration to keep that from happening. Instead he is keeping the fake Mueller investigation in tact and wasting our money hoping the Democrats return to power and all of this will be swept under the rug as usual:



As usual, after the election in 2016 and President Trump won the election – the establishment, the democrats, rejected the results.

They came up with a whole bunch of conspiracy theories to explain why Hillary didn’t win. It was the Russians (the fake Mueller investigation), the FBI and DOJ (who actually worked against the elected President). It was sexism, Obama, Bernie Sanders, and even white people (Hillary said white people did not like her – and why should they with all of her baggage).

Just look at how much money is being used for this whole FAKE conspiracy.

The Democrats are using the same old “stone-cold – dead-in-the market ideas” when they are not in power to cause disruption. The first time a Republican President won – the Dem’s said he didn’t win and so this is not the first time they pulled this.

As we all know – we voted – and the left lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do. They are trying to run the country through Obama-appointed Federal judges and bureaucrats to keep the President from moving forward.

(The President has to stop abiding by their rulings since it prevents the rulings from going to a higher court for truth and honesty since the these Obama judges are making up law.}

During the last administration (Obama), the people who worked with that President were all moved into media positions (CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, and MSNBC) in the outside world of politics and strategized to take over all media and tech media – which did happen. Now conservatives are having to fight for their rights to free speech. This was all planned by Obama and the Democrats.

We have to fight these rituals that the Democrats pull – because what they are trying to do is to run the country as a dictatorship not as a Republic – a country run by the people and for the people.

We have to fight this from every corner.

Now following is the brave person who wrote the truth and help the people confront these Democrats who aren’t truly dedicated to our country but are espousing hate by their day after day shenanigans against the President and the people who elected him.

This is Part I.


September 7, 2018

Posted on January 27, 2018 by budbromley

This is a civil war.

There aren’t any soldiers marching on Charleston… or Myrtle Beach. Nobody’s getting shot in the streets. Except in Chicago… and Baltimore, Detroit and Washington D.C.

But that’s not a civil war. It’s just what happens when Democrats run a city into the ground. And then they dig a hole in the ground so they can bury it even deeper.

If you look deep enough into that great big Democrat hole, you might even see where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

But it’s not guns that make a civil war. It’s politics.

Guns are how a civil war ends. Politics is how it begins.


Onward conservative soldiers.


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