September 6, 2018 8:33 p.m.

It has been found out that Booker lied during the hearing. He knew the racial set-aside documents had been declassified before the hearing and could be released; but, still ran his train of lies down the track to make people think he was going to break Senate rules if they weren’t declassified. What was his purpose – just proved how deceitful he is? If he thinks that made him look presidential – he better think again. What a “dumb-butt.”

September 6, 2018 9:00 a.m.

Kavanaugh hearing: Booker willing to violate Senate rules to release ‘racial set-aside’ documents.

Kavanaugh hearing chaos coordinated by Schumer, top Dems.
Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., seemed to acknowledge the show was coordinated when asked by GOP Sen. Thom Tillis during Tuesday’s hearing to respond to reports that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., led a phone call over the holiday weekend discussing protest plans.

Durbin said “there was a phone conference yesterday,” where “many issues were raised.”

Late yesterday, Senator Booker went rogue and now wants to release information which he wouldn’t even give Kavanaugh a copy of – but grilled him about it. Why? Probably another fabricated story like the Fake New York Times stories they put out every day.

Booker and Harris are having a hard time following the Senate rules since they were groomed under the dictatorship of the prior administration – which is break all of the rules.

As expected, the Banana Republic Dem’s are back in the saddle this morning – still crying over too many documents they don’t understand in regards to the nomination of Kavanaugh and the fact they want them released to the public. Is the public going to get to vote on Kavanaugh – NO? So why do the Dem’s want the public to do their job in the Senate. The newbie senators – Booker and Harris – can’t seem to keep up with reading all of the documents so they are crying foul and as usual want to adjourn and give them a month to digest them.

All part of the ploy. And what is the ploy – the Dem’s lost the Congress, they lost the White House. So what did they do – they didn’t punt. They are using their Democrat appointed Federal judges and bureaucrats when they want to stop the government from working – the judge throws out a ruling. As one of the Supreme Court judges stated – this has to stop.

Why are Harris and Booker so afraid of Kavanaugh – because he carries the Constitution in his pocket?

Remember Harris and Booker were brought in under the old guard which was ruled by a dictatorship and Sharia law which meant anything of value to the Dem’s was law – you could lie, you could cheat, and you could steal – if you were a Democrat; but, if you were a conservative you were jailed immediately. A good example is Flynn and Manafort under the Dem’s Mueller fake investigation.

If the Constitution was used in the Mueller investigation – the whole Democratic Party would be indicted by now for trying to over throw President Trump who was duly elected. In their eyes President Trump did not win the election – the Dem’s cheated big time and still lost – and that is something they haven’t been able to handle:


That is what these two newbies are afraid of – THE CONSTITUTION. They want more Kagan and Sotomayer’s who make law with each ruling.

Remember a vote for any Democrat is a vote for socialism/Islam.

Move ’em (Dem’s) out!


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