KOMMONSENTSJANE – Global warming alarmism is not science. By: budbromley

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In 1957 Roger Revelle, (Al Gore’s professor in what may have been Gore’s only science class) one of the early founding scientists at University of California San Diego, The Scripps Oceanographic Institute and the Mauna Loa Observatory along with Hans Suess authored an article (1) which associated human gas emissions with warming and suggested greenhouse gases could cause “global warming” over time. In 1988 NASA’s James Hansen et al authored an article introducing a theoretical “CO2 forcing parameter” and forecasting temperature increases three standard deviations above normal would be seen the 1990’s.(2) The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel Program on Climate Change (IPCC) claims that CO2 is causing rapid warming based on the CO2 forcing parameter.(3) The U.S. EPA has issued a Final Endangerment Finding that CO2 is dangerous, referencing the IPCC, and the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that EPA is required by law (i.e. The Clean Air Act) to…

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