Google would you stop interfering with my blogs.

Just another fabrication of the left.

It is truly a tale of woe and I total disagree with it. The blog entitled, “John McCain Shot Liberty Valance by the Weekly Sift.”

Just a typical Democrat who covers a story to cover up the “REAL” story of corruption since Bush I. The Constitution or the Bill of Rights were absent starting with Bush I thru the Obama years and this man is still “looking for that Obama mountain to climb that was never there.”

Typical Democrat:

“Remember what a presidential scandal looked like during the Obama years? He put his feet up on an Oval Office desk. He ordered a Marine to hold his umbrella. His Christmas cards were too secular. Michelle wore sleeveless dresses. What a cover-up.”

What about the real scandals?


According to this writer they never happened since he did not mention them. Where did the Democratic Party go that supported the working folks – they left the country many years ago and now have anchored their ship on the shores of corruption with all of their illegal and foreign imports to support them.


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