Hello to all Maine Dem’s and Repub’s:

We need your help, folks. As all of you know the Obama Democrats have turned tail and left the American people and now want open borders and to bring in terrorists into our country.

Now they want to dump American’s freedom and make America into a One World Order and take our money and distribute it to whoever they want as Obama did. We know that the Dem’s are now Muslims/socialists which is the extreme left.

Please help us keep America safe by dumping this Obama Democrat and hold your nose and elect Eric Brakey to save our country. Following is a letter from Senator Rand Paul asking for our help.


Democrats are fighting hard to hold the line in Congress and block conservatives from passing an America First Agenda until November – when they hope to elect a Chuck Schumer – Nancy Pelosi Majority in Congress.

A Democrat Majority in Congress would end any shot at passing real conservative reforms in Congress and throw the 2020 elections into chaos.

President Trump and I need reinforcements to help drain the swamp so I’m writing you today with an urgent message.

My good friend, State Senator Eric Brakey, is taking on liberal Democrat Angus King for U.S. Senate in Maine.

I’ve known Eric since he served as Maine State Director for my father’s 2012 Presidential campaign. And I can assure you, he’s a tough, principled conservative with a track record as a State Senator to back it up.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, Eric will stand with me and fight to repeal ObamaCare, secure the border, defend the Second Amendment, and restore constitutional government in America.

And he knows how to beat an entrenched incumbent Democrat – which he did in 2014 with 59% of the vote.

But he can’t get to Washington without your help and support.

I’m personally asking you to join me in supporting Eric for U.S. Senate.

Maine is a prime opportunity for America First Conservatives to knock off an incumbent Democrat this November and maintain control of Congress.

The good news is, Eric’s taken on and defeated a powerful Democrat incumbent before.

But the Democrats know this. They know Eric is a threat to Angus King and their plans to seize back power.

And you can be certain they’re coming for Eric with everything they’ve got.

But I know from firsthand experience the power grassroots conservatives have when we stand together and rally behind principled candidates like Eric.

I’m doing all I can to help Eric get to Washington so he can join me on the front lines of the fight.

Thank you in advance for joining me in supporting our cause to save America.


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