This is a good example of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. The only reason they attend the Trump get together is to find something wrong with it. The fake news do not ever print substance.

Mediaite FAKE NEWS
Trump Volunteer Caught Blocking Photographer’s Lens From Taking Photo of Rally Protester

Tamar Auber

A volunteer member of the advance team for President Donald Trump blocks a camera as a photojournalist attempts to take a photo of a protester during a campaign rally at the Ford Center, Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, in Evansville, Ind.

During a rally in Indiana on Thursday, a Trump volunteer really did not want a press photographer to take a photo of a protester.

In fact, he was so adamant that the photographer not get an image of the protester — despite the whole rally being broadcast on Fox News — he decided to block the shot with his hand.

It is unclear exactly which moment the determined staffer did not want captured in a photo taken by one press photog, but indeed a protester did interrupt Trump’s speech and did cause a bit a ruckus Thursday night.

(Another lie – President Trump made fun of the woman – asking: “Where the hell did she come from?” Mr. Trump said about the woman protesting. “And now tomorrow you’re going to read headlines, ‘Trump had protesters all over the place.’ One person!

“She came in as a FAKE ATTENDEE to disrupt the Prez’s speech. One thing for sure – she wasn’t any LADY with her finger pointing.” In Texas, men refer to someone like this as: Her engine was running but nobody was driving.)


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