Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s reply to the Public’s out cry on firing AG Sessions was – LEAVE HIM IN PLACE.

My question is why? AG Sessions is stalling and is not using the Constitution. He is using a two-tiered justice system – one for the Obama’s Democrat dark government by using terrorist Sharia law for the Mueller investigation and omitting all of the actual information which has surfaced.

A good example is Bruce Ohr who was the master craftsman of the dossier is still working for the FBI – even with all of the information which has surfaced against him.

After all of this time – it is time for Mueller/Rosenstein to be fired since they are conducting a sham investigation and both of them are complicit in this sham.

It seems that McConnell and Sessions are protecting these people who are the criminals and convicting people who had nothing to do with Russia. Are McConnell and Sessions a part of the conspiracy against the Prez and is that why they are squelching the real investigation?


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