The crazy left continues to smear Prez Trump and tells us the right is the problem. As we know the left is full of Muslims/Socialists and wanttheir ideology front and center throughout the world and have killed Christians by the millions like Hitler and not one country except Prez Trump who has stood up for the religion of Christianity – not even the Vatican.

The left condemns Hitler; but,yet they want to play that same role which Hitler played – control the people and their money.

Then you have the socialists crazies who think socialism will work when it has been tried throughout the world. The first thing to go in socialism is your rights and freedom. They fail to remember that and won’t talk about it. Their main status is “everything is free.”

The fake news media continue to condemn Prez Trump – right and left. The problem is the left with Obama took our country into a rat hole and Prez Trump is trying to dig us out; and, the fake media and the left do not want to be dug out. THAT IS THE problem. Why does the left like that rat hole?

We all knew when we voted for the Prez and elected him that he wasn’t a saint; but, the left has worked so hard by trying to indict him AND THE PEOPLE. Will we allow them to drag us into this rat hole they are living in when all of these rats are the ones who need to be sent to prison?

The end result – the “THERE” the left keeps talking about is really that hole which is full of “OBAMA THEIRS.” They want to drag us into this hole so we will be their ‘SLAVES” like they are and won’t think for themselves. All of the THEIRS in that hole are made up of the corrupt Obama gang. Plain and simple.

There is No There, There – only the corrupt OBAMA “THEIRS.”

The Obama “theirs” are trying to destroy America and its history. If you are a part of this group – you are only destroying yourself and your children’s future:



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