Sessions has not ruled with his heart.


FOX News
Trump prods Sessions to probe ‘corruption’ on the ‘other side,’ as feud flares.

Why is it that Sessions won’t probe the corruption that has been proven on the Democrat side.

Plain and simple – he is an Elite Republican and he accepted the job to accomplish what he is doing – keep Trump from putting Obama/Hillary/FBI/DOJ in prison. The proof is there and WILL THEY ALL SKATE. The taxpayers should be outraged.

Vote every democrat out of office.

And now, look, another murder by an immigrant due to our non-existent laws or the DOJ/FBI are not following the Constitution.

It is time that SESSIONS resign since he said he didn’t have the stomach to indict Hillary Clinton – who is one of his friends. It is time to write your Congress person/Senator that Session must go – NOW.

The Democrats, Elite Republicans, et al, are trying to undue an election because Hillary didn’t win.


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