Democrats want socialism and protesters paid by Soros want to rid the country of capitalism. You can’t have both and have freedom. Think about it.

How do Americans feel about the protesters who are paid by Soros, et al?

Throughout my life, there has always been people who thought the world owed them a living for some reason – but the reason doesn’t ever appear on the horizon. There is no free lunch. In the world of socialism – you are living off of other peoples money and sooner than later it will run out and then what do you do?

The standard which always appeared was to go to college for an/a:

MA, MBA, BS, MS, MSW, PhD, PsyD; but,you don’t always have to go to college to get the J-O-B degree.

It is time for these protesters to learn:

They want to eliminate capitalism, but, each of them have:

A computer,
A cell phone,
An I-Pad,
An I-Phone,
A car,
and many more gadgets caused by capitalism.

Therefore, if they want to do away with capitalism – they will have to give up all of their gadgets because capitalism brings all of these objects to them. Are they willing to do that?

An honest day of work never killed anyone. My suggestion is to get a J.O.B. – even if you start at the bottom of the ladder. It will get you out of that bed and put you with others where you will learn and grow into a citizen of quality rather than ending out on the streets of inequality.

No one is too good to do an honest day of work.

And in the end, if you do not like the way the country is being governed – GO VOTE.

A hint to the wise should be sufficient.


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