A friend, Ruth, wrote this blog and I am like her – has the sexual revolution been good to women?

Saturday, August 18, 2018
August 18, 2018. Western Head, Nova Scotia. Just Wondering.

Ken and I have been involved with young women since we arrived home from Mexico. At our age and being retired, we do not get to know many young women. What I have been wondering about is how those young women are doing in 2018 compared with fifty years ago.

In other words, what has the sexual revolution and the women right movement done to the lives of these young women we have gotten to know well? My observation is that these women are struggling. Our present helper, Katie, is single. For three years she lived with a man, whom she thought would be her life partner. But when she got pregnant, he left.

Now she has a two year old, trying to earn a living while raising her daughter. Life is difficult. She works with us until five. She lives in Bridgewater. If she is late to pick her daughter up by six, she is fined $5. for each two minutes she is late.

The sexual revolution has not served her well, in my opinion. And the women movement has not affected her a bit. In Mississippi, several young ladies were single mothers with no husband in sight. They all struggles with money and time. Families are closer there so are helpful, but for most of the young we knew life is a grind. They seem to have been led down a path where rewards would come.

But so far, the joy has not come. My sample is obviously small but I have just been wondering about these young women. Are their lives better or worse that in earlier years? Just wondering. I have no answers.


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