KOMMONSENTSJANE – 55 times the media was wrong about Donald Trump. By: CaliConservative.com

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The final phony baloney is: The left is the colluder with Russia and the fairy tale just goes on and on. All of the fake news media are on two payrolls – Soros’ and their news employer. How much longer is the U.S. going to put up with the fake news and the lefties who are taking us to the cleaners with Mueller and his pranksters? How much proof do you need?

Trickie Dick broke into an DNC office and was removed from office. The whole Obama administration was part of the scam on the U.S. in this deal and they are still sitting in their puddle of poop and it looks like no one wants to touch the poop because it smells so bad.

Time to call in the “pooper scoopers.”



About 350 newspapers recently colluded with each other to run editorials that all cohesively denounce President Trump for daring to call them the “enemy of the people”…

Gee I would think that if you are trying not to look like the enemy of the people, perhaps you would avoid conspiring with other newspapers to all print the same message…

President Trump is the first President in a long time that is actually helping the common, everyday folk of this vast country of ours. Past Presidents made a habit of speaking directly to the people while campaigning for office, but then only working for and speaking to the upper-classes once they got into office.

It isn’t just Trump that faces that wrath of the Liberal media, every politician that leans Conservative has had a hard time currying favor with the media. Bush was absolutely obliterated by the media, and what did…

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