KOMMONSENTSJANE – They all cried “racist”. Pesky Truth.

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Read and weep:

– The Democrats started and did not want to release the slaves and use them only at election time..
– The Democrats started and were members of the KKK.
– The Democrats are the ones who always flippantly use the race card.

Nothing will change with the Democrats socialists/muslims.

They do not follow the Constitution, hate the Military, and certainly don’t believe in a greater power – other than themselves.

Our Prez is not a racist. The first and only pro-black President in the history of our country. Obama could have and did not make one move to help the lives of blacks when he could have. Why – because he used and abused them because he was too busy distributing/stealing money.

His words were spoken to bring you in, use you, and then discard you as do all Democrats – especially during election time.


Pesky Truth

Here we go again.

The anti-Trump consortium has its counter-punching department in “turbo” mode. They are immediately responding to a Rasmussen poll that showed increasing support among blacks for President Trump. This is a daily poll run by Rasmussen and it stated that Trump’s support has risen from 18% on August 14th, 2017 to 31% on August 14th, 2018, and surprisingly, it rose to 36% in the next day’s poll.

In an article published on msn.com on August 15th, the authors dismissed the Rasmussen poll as an outlier and leaning anti-Trump as they do, they chose to promote two other polls as more to their liking.

Gallup that suggested that Trump’s approval among blacks hovers between 10 and 15% throughout 2018, and another from a firm called Civiqs says that Trump’s approval has consistently been in single digits throughout his presidency.

Who’s right?

Unlike the leftist democrats, we…

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