We all know that all of these far lefts have a burr in their butts about the Dem’s losing the election and the purpose of their job is to dispute any statement that a person who does not espouse their thinking is wrong; and, we all, as usual, take this with a grain of salt.

The fact that Rye stated: America has never been great amazes me. A person – no matter what culture and sitting in a job of stature as Rye is and gets to complain about America not being great has to have an IQ test – cause something is missing in their attitude.

There are a lot of people who would trade places with her in her job in “A NEW YORK MINUTE” and the dollars she is pulling in. The same thing goes for Governor Cuomo – he should be ashamed of himself and should resign his job and so should Rye.

When do people make enough money and when is their lifestyle good enough? If they are talking about others who are left behind (does she feel guilty?) – maybe instead of talking about how bad America is – maybe she should get on the right track with Prez Trump and do what he is doing trying to make the country better – which is something “her Obama” didn’t do – he tried to make this a third world country – is that what she wants? Sure sounds like it.

These lefties have to come up with a new spike – they are so boring and scripted. When Rye used Loudon’s son statement as the wedge – that was too much for me?


CNN political commentator Angela Rye claimed on Wednesday evening that “America has never been great” and snapped at Gina Loudon, who serves on President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection advisory council, for bringing up that she adopted a minority child with Down Syndrome.

The left-wing activist who was formerly the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus lost it after Loudon touted the country’s “pretty amazing history of overcoming slavery, of expanding civil rights, of women’s rights.” Loudon said that “a lot of those things happened under American presidents who didn’t have any minorities at all on their White Houses.”

Though Loudon explicitly said she felt that Trump’s White House could “be better” when it comes to diversity, Rye put words in Loudon’s mouth and said it didn’t matter what Loudon said because Rye said she heard Loudon say, “We don’t necessarily need diversity in this White House.”


Rye forgets that Trump has hired/fired people because they did not make the grade and seemed to have their own agenda.


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