Google is interfering with this blog. For documentation purposes. See corporations – this is what is happening to your every day customer. We need some help to fight these traitors. This should not happen. These tech people are so arrogant – the bulk of these workers for the tech companies are not even Americans.


How can the large corporations help the American people win this war that is raging in America with the dark government of Obama and the Democrats and MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN which in the end will only help these corporations be better business partners of our people.

They can stop giving these fake news all of these ads that enhance the media’s bottom line and lets them continue tearing up our country.

The news media are backing the Democrat socialists/muslims and are working against the American people.

The corporations have to realize when they give these billionaire ads to the news corporations, it only makes it harder for the American people to turn the country around. I don’t think these corporations want what happened in South America to happen in the U.S because they will go out of business.

Instead of wasting and paying all of this money to the media stations who are using this money against the people – help pay down our debt. As a citizen – nothing could help make our country improve quicker.

We don’t need all of these ads – we know what you sell and will support you if you will stand behind our country and support the people who are working hard to turn our country around with the help of the duly elected President.

The information below was taken from earlier years and we know they are probably even spending more in 2018.


Following shows the amount of money that corporations pump into the fake news business and then they use it against the American people.

BILLIONAIRES’ CLUB: Only 36 Companies Have $1,000 Million-Plus Ad Budgets

By: Christina Austin

McDonald’s arches are gold for a reason.

Lots of companies have really huge ad budgets. But after you’ve accumulated $100 million here and $100 million there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money: $1 billion to spend, all on ads.

Only 36 companies in the U.S., according to Advertising Age, spend more than $1 billion a year on ads.

Apple was the most recent company to cross the magic $1,000 million mark. The others run the gamut, from consumer goods companies to telecommunications entities.

Nos. 36 – 31: Apple joins the club.

Capital One

36. Apple:$1 billion Apple’s ad budget rose only marginally from a base of $467 million in 2007 until 2010. That year, Apple began a series of new product launches in both the iPhone and iPad lines that has continued unabated, most recently with iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, both coming in the last few weeks. Apple reached the $1 billion mark in its fiscal 2011 year, which ended recently.

35. General Mills: $1.002 billion Most of General Mills’ ad budget is spent on television ads ($835 million). It is tied with Pfizer on our list for spending the lowest percentage of its ad budget, just 0.2 percent, on billboards.

34. Google: $1.005 billion Google increased its ad spending by 60 percent since last year, giving it the biggest increase of any company on our list.

33. Microsoft Corp: $1.033 billion Microsoft spent $667 million more than Apple on advertising and $740 million more than Dell.

32. Sony Corp: $1.041 billion This Tokyo company spends the majority of its ad budget on television, with $564 million going towards the platform.

31. Capital One Financial Corp: $1.043 billion Capital One shelled out $280 million on television ads, part of which went to pay Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin to appear in commercials.

30. Viacom: $1.06 billion Viacom is the media conglomerate that houses MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, TV Land, and Paramount Pictures. Paramount’s highest-grossing movie of 2011 was “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

29. Kohl’s Corp: $1.12 billion This clothing retailer exclusively sells Jennifer Lopez’s, Daisy Fuentes,’ and Lauren Conrad’s clothing lines — and is thus contractually obliged to promote them.

28. Honda Motor Co: $1.14 billion Honda ran a Super Bowl ad for its CR-V featuring Matthew Broderick, which cost the company around $3.5 million.

27. J.C. Penney: $1.16 billion This Texas-based retailer spent 11.9 percent less on advertising than last year.

26. News Corp: $1.27 billion This media company spent $81.7 million on radio ads alone, making it one of the highest radio advertisers on our list.

25. Unilever: $1.3 billion Unilever’s brands include Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Lipton, and TRESemmé. Dove’s more recent ad campaigns have focused on portraying realistic-looking women, not just model-types.

24. McDonald’s Corp: $1.37 billion Behind Time Warner, McDonald’s spends more on outdoor ads (billboards) than any other company on our list, shelling out $71.6 million.

23. Berkshire Hathaway: $1.39 billion Warren Buffet’s company, which owns Geico, spent $680 million on television ads. Geico also has a strategy of running more than one different TV campaign at once (i.e. the gecko and the bodybuilder campaigns).

22. Sprint Nextel Corp: $1.4 billion This telecommunications company is the only one on our list that didn’t alter their ad budget from the previous year.

21. Anheuser-Busch InBev: $1.42 billion This beverage company spent $3 million on newspaper ads, the lowest amount of any company on our list.

20. Macy’s: $1.51 billion This Cincinnati-based retailer gets co-op ad money from more than 1,000 of its retailers.

19. Target: $1.62 billion This year, Target started airing Christmas ads on Oct. 11, making it the first retailer to advertise for the upcoming holiday.

18. Sears: $1.69 billion Sears Holding Corp, comprised of Sears and Kmart, exclusively promotes Sofia Vergara’s line of clothing and home goods.

17. Bank of America Corp: $1.7 billion Bank of America increased its ad spending by 9.8 percent from last year.

16. Toyota Motor Corp: $1.73 billion Toyota spent $767 million of its massive ad budget on television.

15. Fiat (Chrysler Group): $1.770.9 million Fiat increased its ad budget a whopping 52.1 percent from last year.

14. Walmart Stores: $1.89 billion Walmart’s most recent ad campaign shows real customers’ excited reactions when they compare their Walmart receipt to their receipt from another store.

13. Johnson & Johnson: $1.94 billion Behind Procter & Gamble, this company spends more on magazine ads than any other company on our list. It shelled out $248 million towards the print platform.

12. Time Warner: $2.051 billion Time Warner, which owns Warner Bros., is one of the top 10 spenders on Super Bowl ads according to CNBC. From 2002-2011, it spent $39.2 million to air commercials during the big game.

11. Pfizer: $2.072 billion According to the New York Times, advertising for brand-name drugs on TV has gone down more than 20 percent in the last five years. Despite the decrease, Pfizer still spent nearly $850 million on TV commercials.

10. Walt Disney Co: $2.112 billion Disney’s ad spending went up 9.3 percent from last year. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that the media giant has acquired Lucasfilm.

9. L’Oréal: $2.124 billion This France-based beauty retailer spent a staggering $709 million on magazine ads alone.

8. American Express Co: $2.125 billion AmEx won the 2011 Grand CLIO Award for Content & Contact as well as the Special Recognition Award for Facebook Integrated Media for their “Small Business Saturday” campaign.

7. Ford Motor Co: $2.14 billion Earlier this year, Ford said it planned to increase its ad spending on Facebook, while General Motors said it planned to slash its Facebook budget.

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co: $2.35 billion This finance company increased its ad spending by 22.3 percent since last year.

5. AT&T: $2.36 billion Most companies on our list increased their ad budgets last year, but AT&T decreased its budget by 21 percent.

4. Comcast Corp: $2.47 billion Comcast became the largest U.S. media company after it acquired NBC Universal in 2011. It spent a large amount of its budget on movie ads and the Xfinity brand.

3. Verizon Communications: $2.52 billion Verizon spent almost half of its budget on television campaigns.

2. General Motors Co: $3.1 billion GM cut its $10 million Facebook ad budget right before the social media company’s first public stock offering earlier this year.

1. Procter & Gamble Co: $4.9 billion P&G spent a staggering almost $2 billion on TV ads alone. It is the planet’s biggest advertiser, and spends $10 billion on ads globally every year.

This is what the tech companies are doing with your money that you are donating for ads.


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