What’s new – this is going on in every aspect of our society? What does it take to point out that the conservatives are being screwed by the rest of society. We must be heard and take some action by speaking out. Look at the Democratic Party, the Dark Government, and the Elite Repub’s are being protected by the Fake News and the TECH GIANTS.

A good example is this Mueller FAKE INVESTIGATION. We are paying him for this FAKE INVESTIGATION and the Elite Repub’s are riding side by side with them.

When you vote don’t vote for any Democrat or Elite Repub because a vote for them is a vote for Obama/Louis Farrakhan’s muslim/socialists.


American Action News

Social Media Bans Alex Jones… But Not Louis Farrakhan?!

Source: AAN
by: AAN Staff

Alex Jones has found a niche spreading often ludicrous, sometimes horribly offensive conspiracy theories. However, the recent censorship of his media platform, InfoWars, by tech giants has drastically diminished his public reach.

Facebook defended its decision to remove Jones and his website’s pages for violating its community standards, specifically promoting hate speech and real-world violence. YouTube’s reasoning was less clear.

While this may present a slippery slope as far as silencing speech by social media giants, it is not a First Amendment issue. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are private companies allowed to make their own decisions.

But as the social media giants crucify Jones, they continue to ignore a bigoted left-wing kook with a huge platform: Louis Farrakhan.

Mediaite reports:

Farrakhan, founder of Nation of Islam, is an outspoke anti-Semite, homophobe, racist, misogynist, and like Alex Jones, a vile human being. He’s called white people “potential humans,” Adolf Hitler a “very great man,” and literally blamed Jews for 9/11.

Yet, Farrakhan still has his Facebook page as well as his YouTube channels for the Nation of Islam and his own news publication The Final Call.

Just two months ago, Farrakhan uploaded an excerpt from his sermon blasting the “Jewish Power” controlling Hollywood, citing disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein as his example and falsely alleged that the Talmud considers gentile and black women “partly animals.” In another upload, he explained the “origins of homosexuality” began with in the Middle East and claimed that President Barack Obama was “under Jewish influence” when he “tried to introduce same-sex marriage to black people.” He added that it’s “satanic.”

Does that not violate Facebook’s Community Standards?

This is merely the latest example of selective punishment by overwhelmingly liberal tech companies.


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