From the looks of things, Rosenstein/Wray are both covering up for Comey by not cooperating with the court.

What is so sad is that Comey thinks he is above the law – even now. It is time for AG Sessions to put Comey in jail and let him cool his heals for not following the law on this email cover-up and let him know that he is not in control.

Wray/Rosenstein/Comey and the rest of the crooks are making a laughing stock of our justice system and themselves.


Justice Department-Comey Email Cover-Up?

Source: AAN
by: AAN Staff

Justice Department-Comey Email Cover-Up? (Rosenstein/Wray)

Despite the Justice Department Inspector General’s office disclosing that fired FBI Director James Comey used a personal email account to conduct agency business, the DOJ is refusing to preserve work-related emails on the former FBI chief’s private account.

The Daily Caller has more:

The Department of Justice has refused to take any steps to preserve work-related emails former FBI Director James Comey had on a personal account that The Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch requested under the Freedom of Information Act, the conservative watchdog will file in court Friday.

“There is nothing but complete silence about why the FBI has failed to take steps to preserve records responsive to DCNF’s request,” Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha will write in the filing before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Judicial Watch and TheDCNF filed a joint lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act on April 25 seeking records, including emails, Comey produced regarding meetings and conversations he had with then-President Barack Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden and a variety of other political figures.

Following the Justice Department Inspector General’s June 2018 report, which disclosed that Comey used a personal Gmail account for official FBI business, both groups sought a preservation order to assure no records related to their FOIA requests were lost or destroyed.

Comey remains cagey about revealing the number of times he met with Obama administration officials. Obama national security adviser, Susan Rice recorded – on President Trump’s Inauguration Day – that Obama, Biden, still-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and herself met with Comey.

This email appeared to contradict Comey’s testimony six months later before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where he implied such firsthand meetings were rare.

Judicial Watch’s FOIA request asked for any government documents recording or summarizing conversations between Comey and the following individuals: Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and John McCain.


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