KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Trump says ‘no problem’ shutting government, dismaying GOP, ‘Complete and total disaster’. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Now, if Paul Ryan and his sidekick were serious about a wall – this is what Israel’s wall looks like:


This is a real wall.

The problem folks, we have Paul Ryan’s side kick is  riding that horse and leading from behind.  We have no leadership with these two.  They are working against the American people’s agenda.  We need Rep Jim Jordan to become our speaker.

We have told these two that ‘WE WANT A WALL THAT IS NOT PENETRABLE.”  Now, isn’t this laughable?  What do they give us:


“What difference does it make.” These GOP Elitists and the Democrat Socialist/Muslim aren’t voting or accomplishing anything – so why not shut down the government.

These two political parties have promised us for YEARS to build a wall and what they have done with prior money for the wall – built it on the cheap and by squandering it on make-shift walls. We know who these people are and will vote them out in November.

Some times you have to take drastic measures to achieve the end result because these shiftless politicians have been lieing to us.

They are still fooling around with the World Globalists and want to continue their wealth distribution even with a trillion dollar debt and do not want to have a penny plan to pay down the debt.

The story behind all of this delay is the Dem’s and these RINO’S  Repub’s want to bring in all of these illegals and let them vote and the Dem’s take over the House/Senate.

Vote the bums out.


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