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When you vote – know who you are voting for – TRUST BUT VERIFY. We are at a time in our country where we still don’t know who ran our country under Obama and you see what he did to us. Let’s be sure this time when we vote that we know who that person is and what their values are.

We should know what their IQ is – because our children have gone through dark times in the educational system with our leaders since Bush I. These leaders purposely dumbed down our children and we have to have people in office that know what they are doing – not just looking and sounding good like Obama.

Take time to ask and find out before voting.

A good example is in Texas – Ted Cruz is running against a person called Beto O’Rourke – a representative in the TX house who strums a guitar and played in a rock band and is a smooth talker like Obama.

In many ways, O’Rourke is running on his own. Until he kicked off his campaign last summer at a rooftop rally in El Paso, he was largely known as a youthful congressman from West Texas who favored marijuana legalization and opposed a border wall.

With our country trying to make a come back – we sure don’t need a strumming  guitar-playing musician in the government at this time.

Check out all persons who are running.

Trust but verify.


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