All of this makes for a complex world.

We have a president who speaks like a negotiator, treating truth as a process, different at different stages. We have a news media so choked with leftist hatred and rage, it no longer has any commitment to the truth at all. How to know what’s real and what’s illusion?

Results are all we have to go by. As of right now, the negotiator is doing pretty damned well.


Democrat Calls Trump A Monarch

Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is spreading that rumor that President Trump see’s himself as a a monarch or dictator.

Jeffries stated removing security clearance from multiple former officials “is not innocent behavior. This is behavior that undermines the very fabric of our democracy, the notion that we have separate and co-equal branches of government, that there are checks and balances, that a president is not a monarch or a dictator, notwithstanding the fact that Donald Trump often fancies himself in that fashion.”


What Obama did to our country – and you as a representative – didn’t do your job to corral him – and you are telling us that the President thinks he is a monarch or dictator  – you need to review  the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – because you are  engaging in unrealistically rosy fantasizing”.

You are what you think and a lawyer like you in the government is like putting oil in water which doesn’t mix.  A lawyer should never be elected into office because of their background.  The government is a business and should be run like a business – not like a court room full of lawyers lieing their way into FIXIN’ AMERICA.  We have to change this.

Some examples of a real dictator called Obama and you didn’t find anything wrong with his crimes?  Obama never told the truth.



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