Yes, I agree, DUE PROCESS – but when will this DUE PROCESS start.  All Mueller has been doing is spinning his fake wheels on a fake investigation with a fake dossier –  and all Sessions/Rosenstein – (who is implicated in the fake investigation) is doing is walking beside him.

By Lukas Mikelionis | Fox News

AG Sessions speaks at high school leadership summit.

Sessions: ‘Rather than molding a generation of mature, well informed adults, some schools are doing everything they can to create a generation of sanctimonious, sensitive supercilious snowflakes.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday expressed regret for not teaching high  school students about due process after a crowd earlier this week chanted “Lock her up!” during his appearance at the Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit.

But while Sessions didn’t  apologize, he said that “perhaps” he should have used this week’s incident to teach students about how the law works.

Well, I met with a group o enthusiastic high-school students, and they enthusiastically broke into that chant,” the attorney general told reporters at a news conference Thursday.  “I perhaps should have taken a moment to advise them that …you’re presumed innocent until cases are made.”

Sessions immediately came  under fire for his initial reaction to the students chant.  CNN broke into programming with a “just in” chyron  focusing on Sessions jokingly repeating the expression, while other news organizations suggested Session joined the chant without including his further remarks indicating he was joking.


The attorney general’s speech at the event focused on universities, assailing campus culture that is creating a generation of “supercilious snowflakes.”

“Rather than molding a generation of mature, well-informed adults, some schools are doing everything they can to create a generation of sanctimonious, sensitive, supercilious snowflakes,” Sessions said.

He went on to call out universities and students for stifling free speech on campuses and expressing hostility toward conservatives, all while embracing liberal ideologies that are “coddling students” with trigger warnings, therapy sessions and crying rooms.

“Too many schools are coddling students,” he said. “There was a ‘cry-in’ at Cornell after the 2016 election, therapy dogs at the University of Kansas. … I hope they had plenty of tissues.”


The students know what is going on in the Democratic Party and how they have tried to over throw the present government before and after the election and when they lost – they threw in the ‘RUSSIAN THEORY” with the fake dossier and look how that has been handled – corruption to the core.

Give those students a break – they know what the democrats are doing.  The Obama and the Clinton crews have committed enough crimes to put them in prison for a long time.  Sure they are innocent until proven guilty; but, the problem is the AG doesn’t want to prove them guilty – THAT IS THE PROBLEM.



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