KOMMONSENTSJANE – Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporters understand socialism? Fellowship of the Minds.

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It doesn’t look like the socialists are well informed when they are interviewed.

One thing I would like for the people to adopt – due to the lack of education in our educational system – is for the people who are running for office is to have an IQ test.  That will tell us how stable a person is.

In all of the interviews with Cortez – the only thing coming across is the Dem’s talking points for socialism and never once do they mention the CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW and the fact they do not like ICE AND THE POLICE.

Her big mouth is frightening and the bulging of the eyes, especially, all of the drama that she  instills in her speeches – that is not normal – but is an indication of instability.

Cortez is licking the boots of Obama and using his same rhetoric. We have experienced that for eight years and what we are trying to overcome – hate. Everything “FREE” is a myth and brings hate into the picture.  There is no free lunch and these young people should know that by now with Obama’s eight years.


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