Trump’s Numbers on ‘Amazing’ Economy Sometimes Don’t Add Up.

How does this fellow(s) know since they are using Clinton’s MODERN MATH?

We have to dismiss the New York Times as fake news.  Now, if Prez Trump would have stated, “The oceans are rising and New York is going to be flooded by dawn.”  Corum would have run with that story as good, honest news; but, the fact that the Prez stated the economy is running on all cylinders – the New York Times attributed the good news to the prior administration.

We know they lie – so we just dismiss his reporting as FAKE NEWS and are happy about the situation itself.  People know the difference in the reporting.


Samuel Corum

The New York Times

When President Trump spoke Friday after the quarterly release of national economic data, he took credit for several trends that had begun before he took office.

(Sure, if you believe that – I have a luxurious condo in Trump Towers that I will sell you for pennies on the dollar.)

When President Trump announced Friday that the American economy had grown at an annual rate of 4.1 percent in the second quarter — an achievement he called “amazing” — he included a long list of statements about how well the economy has performed on his watch.

He declared that the United States was “the economic envy of the entire world,” and indeed, the American economy is in a relatively strong position: Growth is accelerating, its size and diversity make it more resilient over all, and it is less reliant than the economies of other major countries on exports, which could help it weather a trade war more easily. Growth in Japan, China and Europe has been slowing.


Compare what we had with Obama and what we have with Prez Trump and embrace the difference which is love versus hate.



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