KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Anti-American sentiment – UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, Regular Migration – refugees into USA historic lows – Reclaim Our Republic.

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Time to get this straightened out in America and tell these UN Globalists to pack their duds and move to Belgium.

What is the purpose of disrupting all of these cultures by the Globalists? We know Islam tells the Muslims not to work but to continue their JIHAD – that working is considered “slavery.”

That is why those countries don’t get ahead because they do not have capitalism to advance their lives. Compare Israel and what they have made out of a piece of sand and look at the other Arab countries who were there way before America or Israel.

The Imams want those people dirt poor so that they can live high on the hog and keep their people poor as church mice. That is what all socialist countries do – keep the people ignorant (uneducated) so that they control them.

That is what Bush I forward did to America – Fill our young people’s heads with socialism so that they don’t even know how to find the right bathroom – and have ended up renaming them “transgender.”

Americans didn’t build America for this socialist crap and for them to tell us how to spend our money.  The people who are spewing this hate and socialism are the educators who are in the class rooms and colleges.  This has to be straightened out – now.

The socialists like Bernie Sanders with his new gal pal are telling you how they are going to give you everything “free.”  Didn’t we hear that from Obama and look at our debt now.  Talking about Sanders – he used money to buy a lake house on  your dime.

By the way whatever happened to that million dollar law suit that a college was suing his wife for fraud?   And why isn’t Mueller investigating Sander’s prior campaign since his adviser was pulled out as talking with the Russians and causing a collusion.

It was pointed out by Sanders’ gal pal that the GOP are “scared” of her.  Why would anyone be afraid of someone “who has a big mouth?”

Neither one of those socialists, Sanders and his gal pal, have a pot to pi$$ in or a window to throw it out – they are talking about using our money for those giveaways.  That is a big point with socialists, they always talk about “free”; but, it is not their money – it is other people’s money.

To begin with – neither Sanders or Cortez are qualified because they don’t support the Constitution of the U.S. or its laws like Obama.  They are on the trail right now begging for money like gypsies.  They are begging for your money and you are paying them to take away your freedoms.

If any person can tell me one country in the world that has been successful with socialism – let me know which one it was.  Look at  Cuba and the way the country looks and the way people are treated.  Would  you trade government healthcare for your freedom?


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