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Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a large cache of evidence against former Trump campaign chairman Pal Manafort.  Reading between the lines, an astute observer could see the former chief strategist for senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) REPEATEDLY MENTIONED.

Mueller’s evidence links Ted Devine, Sanders’ chief strategist, and Konstantin Kilimnik, a Putin-connected operative.  (P) Media (http://pjmedia.com/trending/bernie-sanders-strategist-named-in-new-cache-ofmueller-evidence/))

..Devine appears from exhibit.5.onwad.  Mueller listed a memo from 2006 involvingt Manafort.

Mueller’s evidence lists email after email between Devine and Manafort, connecting them both to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Putin-connected operative whom Manafort described as “my Russian brain.”

Devine’s name appears a total of 21 times in the list of nearly 500 pieces of evidence against Manafort.

Throughout his political career, Sanders has made fringe ideas mainstream.

Before joining forces with Sanders, Devine served as a senior adviser to Al Gore in 2000  and John Kerry in 2004 in addition to 17 winning U.S. Senate Campaigns.

The new evidence causes tremendous headaches for Sanders, who seems poised for another White House run.


Sanders and his new side kick, CORTEZ,  are not an American patriots, they are socialists and do not believe in the U.S. Constitution.  They are following in Obama’s foot steps.  We must oust these traitors who are trying to tear out the heart of America and our freedom.

They are not qualified for any position due to their anti-American rhetoric.  Just review Sanders work in the Senate and the fact he has not brought any bills to the floor which have passed.

In fact Senator Paul slapped Sanders down as shown:


Rand Slaps Socialist Bernie By Blocking Resolution.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Thursday blocked a resolution from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that backed the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian election interference and demanded President Trump speak with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Sanders asked for unanimous consent to try to pass his resolution, saying senators “must act” if they are “serious about preserving American democracy.”

(Sanders is lieing just like Obama – he is a socialist and does not believe in democracy.)

“The Congress must make it clear that we accept the assessment of our intelligence community with regard to Russian election interfering in our country and in other democracies,” Sanders said during a Senate floor speech.

Under Senate rules, any one senator could block his request.

Thank you, Senator/Dr. Rand Paul.



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