It was almost more than I could fathom when I heard on the news that when people leave the government or retire – if they have security clearance – they retain that security and have access to all classified information, daily – even people who have been fired like James Comey.

This is unbelievable.  When I retired, every clearance that I had retired with me.  What is the purpose of this?

As President Trump stated – the government needs an over haul in the way the government’s business is run.

With all of the leaks recently which were coming out of the government to the fake news media – Clapper/Brennan and the rest of the swamp – they need to change this precedent.

They need to cut out ALL clearance unless you are on the payroll of the government at the TIME.  The Clinton’s, the Bush’s, et al, need to be cut out of the loop.  That is why this government  is so loopy.

Stop this craziness and paternalism.  Once they are out of the government – no one needs to know what is going on except when it is announced.

That is the problem – too many are in on the know, are being paid for the leaks, and are using it against our country.


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