Midterm Elections

As upstart Ocasio-Cortez hits campaign trail with Bernie Sanders, high profile spurs fears of Democrat rift .

The Democratic National Committee desperately wants perennial progressive favorite Bernie Sanders out of the running for the 2020 presidential elections, and this time, they may have blocked him from the race without having to resort to super delegates.

According to Fox News, the DNC adopted a new rule at the annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island, this weekend, barring anyone who does not “run and serve” as a Democrat from competing for the Democratic nomination for president.

Cortez recently stated, “Israel is occupying Palestine.”

Really, this shows how much she knows.  She sounds more like one of  Palestines Abbas’ terrorist cronies.

Joe Lieberman, Democrat, said, “If her (Cortez) win makes her the new face of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party’s won’t have a bright future.”

What has to be determined by Congress – whoever runs for the House and the Senate – is – the person has to support the Constitution or we are going to run into the same problem as we did with Obama – not following the Constitution and, instead, running it with Sharia law or socialism.

The Democrat’s fake comedian, Michelle Wolf,  is calling ICE – THE NEW ISIS?

The Democrats are broken up into three parts – the moderate democrats, the Farrakhan black democrats, or the Muslim democrats (Keith Ellison).  It doesn’t look good no matter who you go with.

These people are trying to kick out the Constitution.

We have to kick out all of the democrats and elect Republicans who voted for Trump – if not – our government will continue at a stalemate.  This is what is happening at this very moment.

If you want to continue to have freedom – even if you don’t like Prez Trump – you must vote for a Republican.

The democrats are the donkeys who don’t like us and our Constitution –  who lied to us and brought us Obama – and who hated America and all of its people.


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