Folks, we are supporting this bastard, Obama, (pardon my expression), with secret service men to keep him safe and he turns around and criticizes America and our President.  He should be in jail right now – not trotting the globe and  causing trouble for our country.  When are they going to investigate Obama, Brennan, and Clapper for their actions during Obama’s eights years and during the 2016 election?


Obama Criticizes President Trump In Africa

July 17, 2018

By: 1600 Staff

Barack Obama couldn’t resist the urge to criticize President Trump in his recent South Africa speech.

Fox News reports:

“Populist movements, cynically funded by right-wing billionaires worried about their own interests,” Obama said. “These movements tapped the unease that was felt by so many people who live outside of urban course. That their social status and privileges were eroding … threatened by outsiders, those who don’t look like them or sound like them.”

Obama added that the “politics of fear and resentment and retrenchment” have begun to “appear.” “I’m not being alarmist. I’m simply stating the facts. Look around—strongman politics are ascendant, suddenly, whereby elections and some pretense of democracy are maintained, the form of it, where those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning,” he said.

Obama also blasted what he described as “barely hidden racial nationalism.”

(Obama uses the race card in this speech, again, because he was so ill-equipped in his task to lead our nation and failed miserably in this task.  In the end, he left a terrible mess for our new President and indulged in treason by him and  his DOJ and the FBI – whereby scores of officials have been fired and should be going to prison.  Obama’s time to be investigated  is still forthcoming.)

Obama was in South Africa to deliver the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday. He called for the Universal Basic Income, and at the same time, oddly praised the value of work. His remarks were thinly veiled criticism against the president on foreign soil.


Obama was called out by the U.S. Supreme Court for his ruling under a socialist/muslim vacuum rather than the Constitution of the U.S. which proved that he was not a Christian nor did he take his sworn oath to protect the U.S. and its people.  He continuously traveled the world during his time in office proclaiming that America was evil and his people were evil.

Can you image – this community organizer knows how charitable the U.S. has been to foreign countries when they needed help – the U.S. always helps and gives out foreign aid like candy when it is needed.

It only tells the world how misguided Obama, this lackey really is and how  ill-equipped he was for the any task presented to him – except for his slick dog whistle.


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