KOMMONSENTSJANE – SCOTUS Panic Shows Govt Has Too Much Power – 3 Years Of Experience Prove Obergefell Was A Big Mistake. Reclaim Our Republic.

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If it has been concluded that Obergefell was a mistake – why isn’t it recinded.

As we can see at this point – that our politicians are not following the Constitution – only when it favors them. We have to initiate severe punishment when anyone breaks the laws of the Constitution .

As it has been ruled by the Supreme Court – Obama did not use the Constitution to run the country –  I am assuming he used Sharia law since he is a Muslim. We have to put enforcement behind the Constitution.  So what punishment will Obama receive.

In fact, we are having problems with the Democrats right now since they have become socialists which is not compatible with the Constitution and something has to be done.  We cannot continue allowing these politicians to operate at will.

We also have to slap down these judges who are making law instead of ruling by the Constitution.  Justice Clarence Thomas has called this to our attention, recently.


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