What do the Russians and Putin have on Obama?  Watching these hearings with Peter Strzok,  playing his violin with the strokes of a master and his yellow brick road strategy – is a joke.  You have Representatives Cummings and Sadler blaming all of this on the White House.  That is true because Obama was in the White House when all of this collusion was being orchestrated with the DOJ, FBI, CLAPPER, AND BRENNAN.  Clapper and Brennan instigated the DNC COMPUTER HACK AND THEN BLAMED IT ON RUSSIA.

The crimes have been committed by Obama and the Democratic Party (Hillary Clinton), the FBI, Clapper/Brennan, and the DOJ in collusion with Russia.

(July – you lie.)

Obama and the Democrats, et al, have not used the Constitution for over eight years.  Even the Supreme Court ruled that he didn’t.  Right now what they are doing is using it like “false teeth.”  When  they want to chew on a subject like immigration they use the law to work against the president and they install the false teeth and when they just want to gum around with the fake media they take them out and lie.

It is time to start passing out indictments, one by one.

You have to start putting some teeth to the Constitution instead of “pussy-footing around like Obama and the Democrats have been doing for eight years.”  You have laws – so use them.










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