KOMMONSENTSJANE – Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools. Reclaim Our Republic.

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There should be “NO GUN FREE ZONES ON ANY SCHOOL CAMPUS.” We have security guards at the banks and other businesses to secure our money – and our children are more valuable than our money.

Time to go with the sign of the times. Killers will always go to “gun free zones” when they want to kill people. Liberals are about children at schools like they are about abortion – instead of abortions – they want these children to be killed so they can kill the next generation of workers. It goes along with open borders and bringing in illegals for voting purposes. It is just the way they think with their twisted minds.

We walk among them every day. We must vote them OUT.


Reclaim Our Republic

‘Why do teachers have to die protecting their students? Why can’t we live protecting our students?’

Teachers participate in FASTER Colorado training / Stephen Gutowski

July 8, 2018 BY: Stephen Gutowski

In the weeks and months since the school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, the debate over whether teachers should be able to carry firearms in schools has received a great deal of attention. A number of states have allowed teachers to carry firearms in schools for years and provide some insight into how such programs work in practice and what motivates teachers who want to be armed.

In Colorado, local school districts have the authority to but are not required to allow teachers within their schools to carry firearms as part of the district’s security plan. Teachers are never forced to carry a gun and those who want to carry are subject to additional background screenings…

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