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Islamist Foothold Discovered Here in America

Source: AAN
by: AAN Staff

Nestled in a tranquil D.C. suburb lies the Diyanet Center of America (DCA), the headquarters of a plot by the authoritarian-leaning Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan to spread his undemocratic views of Islamic militancy and fundamentalism in the United States.

Per The Daily Caller:

To the casual observer, the DCA appears a harmless organization that seamlessly fits into a US society embracing cultural and religious diversity. But look a little closer and it is clear that the DCA is a crucial component in the Turkish regime’s efforts to spread AKP Islamism.

For its American audience, the DCA’s website says that it serves “to provide religious, social and educational services to Turkish immigrants and Muslims living in the United States of America.” Writing in the Turkish publication Daily Sabah, however, the chief advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister declared that the DCA would spread the Turkish strain of Islam and fight the “Islamophobia engineers” that “darken the prospects for humanity.”

In fact, the DCA has done little to hide its links with the Erdoğan regime. On its website, the DCA states that it “works in full cooperation with the Religious Affairs Directorate of the Republic of Turkey (Diyanet)”, which did in fact finance its establishment with a cool $100 million in state money.

As Turkey’s main Islamic authority, the Diyanet holds a legal monopoly on Muslim religious affairs in the country. Under the influence of Erdoğan, the Diyanet’s budget has quadrupled and it has become infiltrated by Islamist ideology. In July 2017, the Diyanet directorate published a report stating that Islam is “superior” to Christianity and Judaism, while insisting, “Interfaith dialogue is unacceptable”.

In December 2017, former National Security Advisor, General H.R. McMaster added Turkey to the government’s list of global sponsors advancing radical Islamist ideology – often through charities and other social organizations.


They are here in America and we cannot allow them to live off our welfare which they have not put one dime into. They must be a part of the Presidents rule of law which is – if you are capable to work you must work and live within the laws of the Constitution – NOT SHARIA LAW. If that can’t happen they need to return to where they came from.

Sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution.

The UN must insist that Turkey and Africa treat Christians in Turkey and Africa with dignity which is not happening.


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