Where are all of the Democrats? I thought they liked everything “free?” If that is the case – why did they attack the children’s St. Judes Hospital in Memphis, TN, where children are taken for cancer and do not pay one red cent?

It is disgusting why they attacked the hospital – it is because Eric Trump helped raise millions of dollars through his charity and these Democrats then attacked the hospital. St Jude’s Hospital is on our list in which we donate. This tells me these people are heartless.

These are the same people who want the killing fields of abortion. Remember 3.6 million babies aborted to satisfy their business of selling body parts.

“Democrats [shuddering]. Lord! there’s somebody walking over my Grave.”

Democrats shuddered – that irrepressible convulsive shudder which old wives say is caused by a footstep walking over the place of our grave that shall be.

The modern-day scientific explanation for sudden unexplained shuddering and for goose pimples is that they are caused by a subconscious release of the stress hormone adrenaline. This may be as a response to coldness or an emotional reaction to a poignant memory – all of those babies who they aborted.

Now they don’t want children to be saved who have cancer.


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