KOMMONSENTSJANE – Man sentenced to just 8 years for racist attack & beating disabled teen on Facebook Live. Fellowship of the Minds.

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We have to retool our Judges – their mentality has been soften to the point that – in their mind they see so much of this – that – they don’t care. They need to be sent out of the area of the crime, itself, to be brought before a Judge who can analyze the seriousness of the crime and is not a liberal.

And, in the final analysis:

When will young people understand – hate doesn’t get you anywhere except the “pokey.” I would encourage all young people – whatever color – put your mind in gear to help – instead of hurt – a fellow man or woman.

The problem is – just look at him in the following picture – the look on his face tells me – he hasn’t been given the gift of love in his upbringing. He just doesn’t have that nurtured expression – only a look of defiance. We must change that to let him know – we care and want him to be successful even after his stay in the “pokey.” He can do great things – no matter what – being a musician,owning a lawn service or just talking to young people about his crime and his visit to prison.

The heart was made for love not hate. Stop and think about the two sides of the coin – when you enact a “hate” crime and when you enact “a gift of love.” Again,think about it. How do you feel mentally? The difference in the hate crime is the “rage” that over takes your body and how you feel and when you enact a gift of love – the “peace and tranquility” that you feel.

There is a difference. Try it and see if you feel the difference.

It works for me.


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