What a bunch of hog wash – the Senate states that “Russia was involved with the 2016 Election, a Judge dismisses a case that Russia was involved with the 2016 election, and the House states that all evidence proves that Obama, et al, were involved with the 2016 election and tried to take the country down.

Yet, the real culprit, Mueller, is still in the driver’s seat.

So what does all of this mean – everyone gets the results they want and the real criminals – the Obama administration – gets to skate? Is that the way the justice system works?

If you had people who were really honest – it would not work out that way. In the old days – they sent the criminals to the gallows. The question is – why won’t AG Sessions do his job – because he was part of the system that stood by while our country was ravaged. If they go down – he goes down. Plain and Simple. Is that the way it is?


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