KOMMONSENTSJANE – 48% USA Not Doing Enough to Secure Border – Soros Demands EU Sanctions on Hungary for Resisting Migration. Reclaim Our Republic.

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As we all know that Obama/Hillary Clinton/Democrats tried to over throw our government with the help of Soros and his money. We need to do what Hungary did – run his a$$ out of the U.S.

He is paying for all of the protesters that you see who are being bused into these cities to cause disruption. Haven’t we had enough? Strange that not one congressman or woman or Senator have called into action the 1952 McCarron/Walters Act which covers sedition which Soros is committing – big-time – brain dead and lazy.


Reclaim Our Republic

Soros Demands EU Sanctions on Hungary For Resisting Migration

July 3, 2018 by  Alex Newman

Soros Demands EU Sanctions on Hungary For Resisting Migration

The European Union superstate is scheming to punish Hungary over its resistance to the EU-backed tsunami of immigration flooding the continent, with EU bigwigs even threatening sanctions and loss of voting rights if Hungarians do not fall in line. Billionaire globalist George Soros is among those lobbying for the EU’s assault on Hungary and its people. Poland and other nations are in the cross-hairs, too. But the overwhelming majority of Europeans, even in countries where governments are brazenly encouraging the migrant tsunami, support an end to mass Islamic immigration into Europe. The battle threatens to tear the EU apart.     

The increasingly totalitarian regime in Brussels is also upset about Hungarian leaders working to rein in the influence of extremist Soros, a Rothschild protege and lead architect of the mass immigration opposed by the overwhelming…

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