KOMMONSENTSJANE – Sorry proggies, Oprah isn’t going to run for president (bonus Photoshop Award). Fellowship of the Minds.

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Can you believe this:

Oprah called the Trump administration – THE DARK TIMES. It is sad that a person who is ‘SUPPOSE’ to be so influential in helping her people open the box of matches and light a fire for them is still trying to keep them in the slave box. That is the way with rich black people – they forget those behind them who could use the help. Instead of helping build a school for young black women in the U.S. – she strikes off to Africa and builds a school.

She also drank that Farrakhan/Obama kool aid whereby they are helping the muslims not her own black people in the U.S. As usual – they continue that same Obama march called “fool’s gold.” Undoubtedly Oprah must hate this country and its people like Obama since she is in his camp.

Thank God president Trump is turning our country back to its roots of religious liberty . He is putting Americans back to work, defending our borders and restoring the special-ness of being an American

It only tells you how unintelligent Oprah is when the country’s business is improving and more black people are employed and she is calling this era – the dark times.

She just doesn’t want to release those chains off the Democrat black people’s vote since they would be in her category and then – she wouldn’t have anyone to look down on as she is now.


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