KOMMONSENTSJANE – Judge rules there’s no fundamental right to learn to read and write (THE DEMOCRAT WAY). Fellowship of the Minds.

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For your information.

Yes, that is what the left has been doing since Bill Clinton – dumbing down our children and in its place – instilling hate for America. History (love of country) and civics are not being taught. They threw out cursive writing,reading, writing, and arithmetic. For good measure, the Bill Clinton era started the modern math that four plus four could be any amount in order to really screw up your mind.

So there you are folks. These are our kids of today who attended public schools. Now, if you went to a private school – it was a different story.

So you can thank your Democrats for all of this “star-studied” education.

It is mandatory that you attend school; but, not mandatory that they teach you anything. Instead they are spending your time and talent brain-washing your kids to hate your country.

It is time to MAKE the educators accountable – that is what they are being paid for or FIRE THEM. If the teachers and union interfere – throw the bums out.


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