KOMMONSENTSJANE – The devolution of feminism: Raise the skirt to expose your vulva! Fellowship of the Minds.

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Something new – women talking to Trump through their private parts – hmm! Isn’t exposing yourself in public against the law?


Guess the Democrats like this exposure since their brain dead anyway.

The purpose of this exposure was for: “liberal women gathered to scream at Trump through their vaginas”.

What is next? Do these women think they have something special to show? They are all built with the same pattern and these women act like no one knows what they look like. If they are doing this for shock value by continuing to expose the Mona Lisa of women – how is this going to help the #METOO people which they are a part.


Fellowship of the Minds

The Left is all about identity politics — defining yourself not as an American, but by your race (except if you’re white), ethnicity (except if you’re Anglo-American or western European), gender (except if you’re a white male), or sexual orientation (except if you’re a heterosexual).

Feminists have gone from identity politics to vagina politics — a peculiar obsession with the female genitalia, a symbol of which is the pink pussy/vagina hat.

There are even vulva-watching work shops where women would inspect each other’s vagina. I kid you not.

Yesterday, I came across this tweet from someone named Lewis Penn, which has gone viral:

Penn claims that the above pic is of “liberal women gathered to scream at Trump through their vaginas”.

But Penn doesn’t have a source for the pic, which is always a suspicious sign.

So I went looking on the net for the source of the pic…

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