Maxine Waters: From ‘Most Corrupt’ to the Most Resistance.

Waters was eventually cleared by investigators, though her grandson, who served as her chief of staff was not. Did he take the fall for her?

Ask the people of Haiti about Maxine Waters and the money she and the Clinton’s stole after the earthquake.

And now, Democrats seem to be embracing — and some liberal ethics advocates willfully ignoring — her sudden emergence as one of the nation’s leading critics of President Donald Trump’s administration. Her biggest problem was – she and Rep Jackson Lee begged the former president to declare Marshall law in the U.S. and take over the country. And to think she swore to uphold the Constitution.

She seems to have many issues – but one in particular is “a big mouth and huge separation anxiety issues.”

We have decided to offer Waters a solution to her problem and that is for her staff to buy her a “THUNDERSHIRT.” It has been proven from the moment you put it on – the change is amazing! She will be so content, even to the point of congeniality. I had my doubts that a shirt could make a difference – but with what I witnessed – wow – amazed, agog, incredulous – all come to mind. I am a believer! Since Waters is always on edge and enraged – some one help her.

Some of the Obama gang have opened up to the public about their use of drugs; and, if Waters is using drugs to stay so enraged – to stop using drugs. So, with great hesitation, why doesn’t Waters chief of staff buy her a ThunderShirt.


ThunderShirt Classic Anxiety Jacket

Price From: $39.95

The Classic ThunderShirt is the original natural calming solution. Like swaddling an infant, ThunderShirt’s patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. Great for thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking, reactivity, and other stressful situations.

It has been proven and the public will be totally amazed and thankful for ThunderShirt. In fact, the Democrats should all have to wear one and even the fake news media.


Waters, help President Trump MAGA?


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